image Our organization`s prime motto is to collaborate high technology developed by international level agricultural researchers with those of Indian agricultural research and produce supreme technology for our fellow Indian farmers. Similarly providing high quality fertilizer and agricultural inputs (free from heavy metals, impurities and choroids) for increase production capacity as well as helps to save & preserve nature and respectively nature`s life cycle is our main objective. Nisarga Crop Care India Pvt Ltd produces various types of fertilizers to maintain fields fertility and production capacity, produces high quality EDTA chelated micronutrients in Microgranular formulation based on European standard first time in India. We provide 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers for Indian farmers to fulfil requirement of Chemical fertilizers. We produce High quality PGP (Plant Growth Promoters-Hormones), Organic-pesticide/Fungicide to increase the quality as well as protect from various pests and dieses of crops. For the purpose of tracking and maintaining the grade and quality of our products we have established our own high-tech laboratory with all essential research facilities. We have team of highly educated & talented technicians (Scientists) working at various level in our organisation; the main aim of the team and our organisation is conservation of nature`s life cycle and to help construct global food security.
• Innovative Quality Products
• Courteous Service
• Commitment towards farmers
• Environment protection
are the four pillars of our progressive move.



We are committed to supply good quality products, provide best services with consistent performance for customers (Farmers) satisfaction



- To create and facilitate the development of value-added agricultural businesses.

- To contribute to the success of our customers and employees by investing in the best people and technology and offering the best products to enhance the investment for our customers and shareholders.

- Improved standard of living of farmer & farm-worker households.

- Enhancement of sustainable agriculture.

- Development of entrepreneurship - self Organization.

- Advocating policies at national & international level to support small & marginal farmers.

- Consolidate small & marginal farmers from rain fed regions under a common flag.

- Promotion & support of a self-sustaining Farmers.

- Be a knowledge repository for organic farming & ethical supply chain development.

Company Profile

The reputation of NISARGA CROP CARE INDIA PVT. LTD. based on the efficacious specialty product. The company involved manufacturing of all types of fertilizers such as Micronutrient Mixture, Secondary Nutrients Mixture, Water Soluble Fertilizer, Plant Growth Promoters & Bio- pesticide/Fungicide. The products are desired be intense study, through research and experiments carried out by experts of the company. The company has high-tech equipments used by experienced and qualified experts. The equipments are constantly kept under observation of technicians who ensure that they are in a proper and efficient state. The company has a commendable client list in India. The company's client is a combination of both, old new customers. Also we are a ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified company.

Name Of Company


Year Of Establishment

: APRIL-2004

Nature Of Business

: Manufacturing of mix micronutrients Fertilizers,Chelated Micronutrients and 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers ,Bio-Pesticide/Fungicides with Plant Growth Promoters/Regulators.

Punch Line

: "Save Soil.. Save Life.."


: ISO 9001-2015 (QMS) BY IBC


Core Values

- Provide economically sound business opportunities for our

- Practice high ethical business standards.

- Respect and protect the environment.

- Produce high quality products.

- Meet the changing needs and desires of consumers/farmers.

Our Directors

Mr. Subhash M Pisal

B.S.C (Chemistry)(Shivaji University kolhapur)

Director of Nisarga Crop Care India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Chandrakant M Kharmate

Diploma in Agriculture(M.P.K.V. University Rahuri)

Director of Nisarga Crop Care India Pvt. Ltd.