Manufacturing of mixmicronutrients Fertilizers,Chelated Micronutrients and 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticide/Fungicides with Plant Growth Promoters/Regulators.


We are leading manufacture of all types of fertilizers as well as plant growth promoters, organic pesticide & fungicide to increase the crop production as well as protect from various pests and dieses of crops. We are the first Indian manufacturer in India who are making EDTA chelated micronutrient product in microgranular formulation based on European standard. We providing highly pure (free from heavy metals, impurities and choroids) 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers for Indian farmers to fulfil requirement of Chemical fertilizers. We are located in Tasgaon, which is in western Maharashtra.

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Four Pillars

Innovative Quality Products

Everyday innovation, acquiring new technology to produce better and effective products than before.

Courteous Service

Being courteous is an inexpensive way of making friends out of customers, we love doing it.

Commitment Towards Farmers

Customer commitment could be compared to beauty - only skin deep. Fortunately, you can build a stronger relationship and loyalty from there.

Environment Protection

We don`t want to protect the environment, but help, create, such world where environment dose`nt need any protection.

Product Categories

Chelated Micronutrients

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100% Water Soluble Fertilizers

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Plant Growth Promoters / Bio Stimulants

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Bio Pesticides/Fungicides

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