Welcome to NISARGA CROP CARE INDIA PVT LTD.`s website. We are a leading producers of various types of biotic, organic fertilizers to maintain fields fertility and production capacity, produces high quality PGP (Plant Growth Promoters-Hormones), Bio-pesticide/Fungicide to increase the quality as well as protect from various pests and dieses of crops. Similarly to fulfil the deficiency of micronutrients; produces all types of micronutrients, based on EDTA chelated. We provide 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers for Indian farmers to fulfill requirement of Chemical fertilizers. We are located in Tasgaon, which is in western Maharashtra.

A complete fertilizer manufacturing company...
...based on international standards

Four pillars

Innovative Quality

Everyday innovation, acquiring new technology to produce better and effective products than before.


Being courteous is an inexpensive way of making friends out of customers, we love doing it.

Commitment towards

Customer commitment could be compared to beauty - only skin deep. Fortunately, you can build a stronger relationship and loyalty from there.


We don`t want to protect the environment, but help, create, such world where environment dose`nt need any protection.


"We are committed to supply good quality products, provide best services with consistent performance for customers (Farmers) satisfaction".


  • To create and facilitate the development of value-added agricultural businesses.
  • To contribute to the success of our customers and employees by investing in the best people and technology and offering the best products to enhance the investment for our customers and shareholders.
  • Improved standard of living of farmer & farm-worker households.
  • Enhancement of sustainable agriculture.
  • Development of entrepreneurship - self Organization.
  • Advocating policies at national & international level to support small & marginal farmers.
  • Consolidate small & marginal farmers from rain fed regions under a common flag.
  • Promotion & support of a self-sustaining Farmers.
  • Be a knowledge repository for organic farming & ethical supply chain development.